Medications to Remedy Arthritis in Companion Animals

Adequan has for long been the brand synonymous with the treatment of joint ailments in pets. Joints may be injured through excessive exercise or trauma. The main problem starts with inflammation of the synovial membrane which causes a reaction that destroys the tissues and fluids present in the joint region, effectively damaging the cartilage.

Adequan has been so effective because it is a Disease Modifying Osteoarthritis Drug (DMOAD). This property is not found in other anti arthritis medications yet it helps prevent the progression of joint destruction by stimulating joint lubrication and repairing the cartilage.

Deramaxx is also an anti arthritis drug which can also be used to provide pain relief especially after surgery. This drug reduces pain by working as to inhibit the production of Prostaglandin (the chemical responsible for inflammation). Deramaxx is a very powerful drug and as such it is administered in small doses.

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